Students who complete all requirements to receive a high school diploma during the school year are included in this report. Data are summarized as totals and percentages by school year and diploma type. (Source: TEA PEIMS high school graduates) This report is available by legislative district (U.S. Congressional, Texas House, Texas Senate, and State Board of Education - SBOE) as well as by individual school district, educational service center (ESC) region, and state levels.

The Texas state public school graduation requirements vary depending on what school year the student entered grade 9. Graduation plans and requirements have changed over the years. For specific Texas state high school graduation requirements, visit the Texas Education Agency website at

Data Elements

District Type:

Education Service Center (ESC) Region:

Texas is divided into 20 geographic regions that are served by regional Education Service Centers (ESC). Education service center region denotes the region from which the school district receives educational services. This is not necessarily the service center assignment based upon geographic location, although in most cases they are the same.

School District:

Texas public school district that reported the graduate.

School Year:

The reporting period consisting of the fall, spring, and summer semesters that begins generally in September and runs through the following August. Fall 2001, spring 2002 and summer 2002 comprise school year 2001-2002, also referred to as school year 2002.

Texas state High School Graduation Plans:

For specific Texas state high school graduation requirements effective over time, visit the Texas Education Agency website at